Water makes the most abundant part of the unit of life i.e. a cell. Every living being in the universe begins its existence from a single cell and water being the major component of that, proves its importance. There is no existence of living beings without water and that is why no water translates to no life.

The earth was majorly blessed with water by the makers of the Universe. Water makes up almost three fourth of the entire globe. While most of this water exists in the shape of glaciers, ice caps or permafrost, some of it is also drinkable. The ratio is low as only three percent of this water is considered suitable for drinking. This is the reason why we see so many organizations like the UN, emphasizing the need to save water. By saving water, we fulfill one of our duties towards Mother Earth.

Whereas we can not take major steps, as individuals to save water, small consistent steps can make a huge difference as well. If every resident of the Earth recognizes their responsibility and starts taking these steps to preserve and save water for the future, there will be no risk of water scarcity by 2050.

Close Water Taps:

Often times when we are washing our hands and face or brushing our teeth, we leave the tap water running. This results in water wastage more than we think. Despite the emphasis of various organizations to turn off the tap while performing a task, the measure is still not practiced enough.

A faucet that is left running can waste up to 3-5 gallons of water in a minute whereas a leaking toilet takes up to 4-6 gallons an hour. In the case of the latter, local plumbers in Pune will be able to help you avoid that risk. The figure multiplies as we add the number of houses where these taps are left open or pipes left leaking. Save the water when you are not using it so that the Earth will not have to face water scarcity in the coming years.

Vacuum Instead of Mopping:

Instead of mopping tiled floors, switch to a carpet so that you can clean without using any water. Carpets not only keep the house warm but can be a great addition to provide a new look to your house space. Cleaning tiles require the use of water because the dust and dirt that gathers on the floor requires to be swept off. In the case of a carpet, a vacuum sucks up any dirt, dust or pollution that is present on the floor.

Short Showers:

Taking long showers means keeping the shower tap on for longer. The longer the water runs from the faucet, the more water is wasted. Keep your showers quick and precise. Avoid the use of tubs because they take up more water in filling up as compared to a shower taken through the shower faucet. The use of buckets is encouraged because they do not hold in a lot of water and ensure none to minimal water wastage in showers.

Full Load for Laundry and Dishwasher:

Save up your laundry and dishes until there is enough for a full load. Washing machines take up a considerable amount of water for each load and that is why a little care and wait can help us save water for one entire load. Same goes for the dishwasher, wait for the entire family to finish eating and then load up the dishwasher to ensure no wastage of water due to an extra load.

Doing the dishes by hand can waste a lot of water as each plate requires separate drainage of water for cleaning. Additionally, a lot more effort and human labor go into this method of dish cleaning as well. Install a dishwasher and follow the single load run technique each time to ensure less use of water.

Be Prepared For Plumbing:

Slow leaks in the bathroom or kitchen pipes or in the dishwasher hose can be difficult to locate but easy to control. Get in contact with an affordable plumber in your area and keep a monthly or bi-monthly check for leaks or other plumbing needs. Identifying the location of the stop valve in your house will help to cut off the flow of water to avoid flooding in situations like the bursting of a pipe.

Following the above-mentioned parameters can help you save water big time. With minimal effort, you can fulfill your duty towards the Earth. If you have encountered any leaks in your house, Orchid Company can provide you with an emergency plumber in Pune to resolve the issue quickly, professionally and efficiently.

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