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When your air conditioner stops cooling your room, it is a critical issue, especially if you live in India. An air conditioner is a complex equipment that requires precise airflow, temperature, and pressure to function properly.

Since most air conditioning systems are complex, your air conditioning might malfunction at many levels. Fortunately, air conditioning repair isn’t too expensive and can be done within no time.

Several issues can cause your air conditioner to stop cooling, and some of the most prevalent are listed below:

Inadequate Installation

If you have recently done an air conditioning installation, and it’s not working correctly, your air conditioner may have been installed incorrectly.

There may be chances that the AC you have got could be too big or too small for your home.

Unmaintained Condenser

One of the most neglected yet critical aspects of AC maintenance is taking care of your outside condenser. Your condenser needs to get good airflow at all times. Since it’s outside, there are chances that grass or weeds will grow around it.

It’s vital for you as an owner to regularly check the area around your AC’s condenser. Even if you don’t have grass or weed around your condenser, you must understand the fact that the machinery is kept outside all day. It’s natural for your condenser to get dirty over time and exposed to the outside environment. If you have trees or plants around your condenser, there are chances that debris may fall from your equipment. This might be the cause of your AC unit not cooling.

Inadequate Or Insufficient Airflow

If your airflow is low, you should first inspect your air filters.

If your filters look dirty, replacing your air filters might aid you. If you still aren’t satisfied with the results, it may be time for you to call for professional assistance like Orchid Company to check your AC fan or clean your vent for any potential problems.

To check if enough air is coming out from your vent, hold a lighter that’s right on the airflow. To ensure that all vents still have adequate airflow, you should do this throughout your home.

Thermostat Issue

A thermostat malfunction is another difficult-to-detect problem. The display on your thermostat becoming blank indicates that something is wrong internally.

This could be due to batteries failing, the internal circuit malfunctioning, or other issues. These problems with a thermostat might occur at any time and go unnoticed. This is a possibility, mainly if the AC unit is servicing a home with several conditioning zones.

Changing the batteries may assist you in resolving your issue. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a licensed AC technician to troubleshoot the problem thoroughly.

There’s a potential you’ll need to repair your electrical board or maybe install an entirely new thermostat. Since the thermostat’s electrical wiring is connected to the air conditioning unit, it’s best if you contact a licensed AC specialist to install and repair it.

Low On Refrigerant

One of the primary reasons for your air conditioning not cooling is your unit’s refrigerant level. Refrigerants are essential for an AC to deliver cold air.

You need to contact a professional air conditioning repair company with all the essential equipment to measure your refrigerant level inside your unit and an expert who knows the method to dispose of the refrigerant that has been used completely.

Electrical Problem

There is a possibility that your breaker will be tripped but will not switch to the “off” position. If this is the source of your AC not cooling, search for Breakers labeled someplace near your AC, HVAC, air conditioner, condenser, or compressor unit.

To see if it solves your problem, turn them off and then turn them back on.

Frozen Air Handler

Whether none of the preceding options solve your air conditioner’s cooling problem, you could check the evaporator coils behind your air filter to determine if they are frozen.

Though it may seem strange, the air will be warm or even hot if your air conditioner is frozen.

Defrost your air conditioner for roughly 24 hours before attempting to use it again by shutting it off. If they aren’t frozen but just dirty, try cleaning them.

When To Get Your Air Conditioner Checked?

If you still find problems and not getting enough cooling from your AC, it’s time to call professionals. Here at Orchid Company, our goal is to aid our clients with all the best possible services.

We offer a wide range of services, including air conditioning repairs, plumber, painting, house cleaning, etc.

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