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    Professional Cleaning Services

    Looking for an expert Cleaning Services Company to clean your facility? Look no further! Orchid Company offers the best facility cleaning and maintenance services in your town. We ensure your total satisfaction, as we base our services on the fundamental pillars: Maximum Quality – Experienced Professionals and Competitive Prices. We have been operating with the most modern and efficient cleaning means. We have a motivated, professional, and friendly cleaning staff. Regardless of your facility type and size, we have an extensive range of cleaning services for you. Our valuable cleaning resources, including our expert team, allow us to be one of the most prominent cleaning companies.

    The Best Cleaning Services In India

    Which are the most reliable and experienced Cleaning services in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore? If you are confused about which company you should prefer to clean your facility, contact Orchid Company right now! Here, we adapt to what you need at your facility. We have all trusted professionals who are at your disposal whenever you require our services. You can confidently hire our cleaning experts and delegate your household/office chores whenever you want. Here, we ensure your convenience. Our services are very easy to access, as we are available online. So, you can save your valuable time and effort. You do not have to worry about any legal matter, as we carry out comprehensive legal management.

    Benefits Of Our Services For You

    Orchid Company has extensive knowledge and experience in taking care of your residential and commercial environments. The innovation, professionalism, and commitment of our cleaning experts allow us to ensure maximum customer service. Look at now how you can benefit from our best cleaning services.
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    Maintenance & Cleaning

    We offer comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for individuals and companies with a personalized approach.

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    Specific Services

    We have specific services for specific facilities, such as floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, etc.

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    Additional Services

    We also offer you other valuable services, including sanitization service, garden cleaning service, etc.

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    Affordable Price

    We offer an extensive range of cleaning services at a price that is beyond your expectations.

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    Professional Cleaning Services For Different Professional Sectors

    The perfect blend of our extensive experience, innovative technical means, and experienced human capital allows us to serve professional sectors. In addition to our residential cleaning services, we have expert services with optimal resources for industries. Whether you need to clean your administrative building, large surfaces and shopping center, or hospitals, but not limited to, we are here. We always ensure the maximum customer satisfaction, so you can become word of mouth for our cleaning company.

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    Home Cleaning

    We know that cleaning an entire home by yourself can be pretty tedious. Even if you hire a maid, they won’t be able to clean it all themselves properly. For proper house cleaning service, you need someone that has expertise in it. We can proudly say that our team of professionals will do the job exactly as you want.


    Office Cleaning

    Office is a place that has to be tidy all the time. By opting for our office cleaning services, we ensure that we will make your office look as clean as it can. Moreover, we have been doing office cleaning for a long time, so we know exactly what to do and what not to do while cleaning.

    Bathroom Cleaning

    Bathrooms should be kept clean at all times for maintaining proper hygiene. If the bathroom which you use is not clean then not only will it affect your hygiene, it will significantly impact the surrounding area too. So, get your bathroom cleaning service by our professional once a week at least.

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    Kitchen Cleaning

    An area where you cook food should be kept utmost clean, right? And doing this yourself can be hectic, keeping your tight schedule in mind. So instead, doing this tiresome task all by yourself, hire our professionals for kitchen cleaning.

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    Floor Cleaning

    Do not worry if the tiles of your floor are getting dirty. With our floor cleaning services, we ensure that you will get the original look of your floor just with our expert cleaning. Moreover, we assure you that the look of your floor will be long-lasting.

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    Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

    Imagine having a bunch of guests or friends coming over to your place for a small party, and the sofas and carpets in your house are not well-maintained and cleaned. That will surely leave a bad impression on them. To avoid this, hire us for immediate sofa and carpet cleaning services at affordable rates.

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    Water Tank Cleaning Services

    We all know how important it is to drink clean water. Plus, to avoid your skin from getting harmed, the water from which you take a bath should be free of all types of hazardous material. This is only possible if you keep your water tank clean. For expert water tank cleaning services, call us!


    Swimming Pool Cleaning

    Not only the water you drink, but the water in your swimming pool should be neat and clean to avoid any adverse effects on your skin or health, in general. Cleaning a swimming pool isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For that, you need a professional team. And here, we have expert personnel ready to do this.

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    You can book our residential and commercial cleaning services within a few minutes. All you have to do is select the specific service type you want, and put in the facility size and portions. Whenever you want, and from anywhere, you can book our staff online. We will facilitate you very professionally by providing hassle-free services. We always ensure the maximum customer satisfaction, so you can become word of mouth for our cleaning company.

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