Orchid chimney Service
Orchid chimney Service

Using the chimney or fireplace at home is always related to the warm feeling of togetherness during the winter season. We also remember the many evenings with family and friends that we enjoyed at home, next to a good fireplace. However, the feeling of togetherness and well-being can be damaged if you do not maintain the chimney by not keeping it clean. And if you focus on the chimney maintenance, you will definitely ask someone, “Which is the best chimney servicing company near me?” Instead of cleaning the fireplace on your own, hiring a reliable chimney cleaning service is good.


This blog lets you know what safety measures you must take to keep the risks inherent in the unsafe use of the chimney to a minimum..

Safety Measures For The Safe Use Of Chimneys

Look at the best safety measures you must take to use the fireplace at your home safely:

1.    Fire Resistance

Your chimney, once lit, will lead the entire family to sit together. So, you must ensure the material used in the fireplace is resistant to heat and fire.

If it was built under your supervision, this is easy. However, if your newly acquired house comes with a chimney, you must have it checked by hiring a reliable chimney servicing company. The expert will certify its suitability before the first use.

2.    Before Turning It On

You must ensure the outlet gates are open before lighting the fireplace. When using it in the winter after several months, it is expected to be closed due to the accumulation of debris with stuck objects. It thus impairs the safety of the ignition and could accumulate toxic smoke.

In the same way, you must ensure that there are no flammable or large enough objects near the front of the fireplace that hinder the heat output. You can prevent the smoke from plastering inside the house by providing earlier heat to the outlet duct. This way, you can eliminate the cold air.

3.    Never Use Fresh Or Green Firewood

Never use green or fresh wood, and it is the most prominent safety measure. After it has been cut, you must store the firewood in a dry place. In addition, you must cover it if it is stored outdoors. This way, you can protect it from environmental humidity.

This drying process will take at least six months to make it fit for safe use. Fresh firewood produces a lot of smoke entering the home and leaves more residue inside the chimney.

4.    Only Use Firewood

For the safe lighting of your fireplace, you must avoid fuels. Instead, you must use only a piece of paper to bring the fire to the wood. You can use specially designed lighters to light the pieces of wood from a reasonable distance.

In addition, you must instruct your children not to throw materials, such as plastics, fabrics, garbage, cardboard, or other objects into the fireplace. These are not suitable for burning indoors because they produce hazardous fire sparks and increase fire risk.

5.    Periodic Maintenance

When the wood burns and generates a pleasant temperature that you appreciate so much, it will produce smoke. When the smoke comes out of the duct, it will accumulate soot and a substance called creosote. This substance accumulates in the ducts and outlet gates and may even clog them.

This accumulation of waste will increase the appearance of smoke and toxic gasses, affecting human health. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the fireplaces regularly. Keeping the chimney clean and it’s good maintenance will help you prevent smoke from entering the home. This way, you can also prevent unpleasant accidents with the fire. We recommend cleaning the fireplace at least once a year, as long as steps are taken for its safe use.

Final Thoughts

This blog is an excellent source to know how you can take the key safety measures and keep the risks associated with the unsafe use of chimneys to a minimum. We recommend following these tips to keep your home and family safe. If you need to clean the chimney and look for an expert chimney service provider, contact Orchid Company. We provide the best home and kitchen chimney cleaning services and contribute to making your life easy. One of the most favorable aspects of our chimney cleaning service is that you won’t have to worry about cleaning it again until next year.

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