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The end of 2019 was a dreadful period and as time passed, the virus mutated to take a deadly stance. Cities closed down and businesses were at a standstill after the virus turned into a global pandemic. The situation compelled people to follow safety measures including social distancing, use of masks and sanitizers. House cleaning services were prioritized for the disinfection of objects present in the house.

Today, vaccinations have started and most countries have vaccinated half of their population. Despite that, it is not recommended by health professionals to stop following the SOPs. Even vaccinated individuals can contract the virus because vaccination only provides the antibodies necessary to fight the virus, not the virus resistance itself.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, it is essential to follow safety parameters. Keep yourself and your family safe from any danger posed by the virus by keeping everything around you sanitized and clean. Below we discuss some safety measures that will eliminate your chances of getting the virus.

Always Keep A Sanitizer:

Whether you are at home or going outside, keep a bottle of sanitizer with you. No matter how much one may try, there are always surfaces and spaces that are open to contact of every individual passing by. These include doorknobs, elevator buttons, table tops, and paper money etc.

A sanitizer in the bag will come in handy if you have touched any of these spots and want to sweep off any bacteria, viruses or microbes from your hands or body. Sanitizers generally contain ethyl alcohol as the active ingredient and a bunch of inactive ingredients to maintain skin health and avoid misuse.

We recommend saving space for a pocket-sized hand sanitizer in your bag. It is sure to protect y ou from big trouble.

Disinfect Your House:

Despite lockdowns and restrictions on going outside the house, the basic life needs require us to go out for groceries and health purposes etc. This leaves us vulnerable to touching spaces and objects that can possibly contain coronavirus remnants. After coming back home, we might touch spaces, causing the spread of virus there as well.

One major downside of the microbes is that they can not be visualized from the naked eye. Viruses being even tinier than bacteria can not be visualized through a conventional microscope either. And that is why it is important to stay safe than sorry and avoid the risk by disinfecting all furniture, walls, floors, cutlery and other objects in your house. You can easily find home cleaning services offered by various online platforms that will clean and sanitize your home. Orchid Company offers great services with cooperative and trained staff.

Wear Surgical Mask:

We specifically mentioned surgical mask because a culture of cloth masks have started and it is not the best practice to keep the coronavirus risk at bay. Cloth masks require at least three layers of tightly woven clothes like nylon in a single mask for optimal safety. In a surgical mask, the layers are thin and they are specifically designed to keep out contaminants that are present in your environment. At the same time, there is less chance of suffocation than a triple-layered cloth mask.

However, the choice is yours. If a cloth mask sounds comfortable, go ahead and wear that and vice-versa. In any case, make sure to wear one when going out or even at home, if possible. To ensure complete safety, keep away any viruses from entering your body through your nose or mouth by wearing a mask at all times.

Avoid Physical Contact:

We know that meeting friends and family after lockdown can make you ache for physical touches like hugs and kisses. But it is not recommended to stop avoiding social distancing even after vaccination. A little bit of self-control can save you a lot of trouble. A global pandemic has kept families away from each other for a long time and we understand that, however, one hug or handshake is not worth keeping your health at stake.

Just like other viruses that erupted as epidemics, endemics or pandemics, coronavirus is destined to give in one day as well. The situation will be under control soon but until then it is essential to take care of ourselves and follow all possible safety measures during the pandemic. House cleaning services in Pune are easy to avail with the click of a few buttons. Webpages like Orchid Company are always there to help you with your cleaning needs.

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