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Beatifying residential and commercial spaces is the dream of everyone. If you are looking for an expert interior design service, then you are at the right destination. Orchid Company is the expert in the conceptualization, development and execution of interior design projects. We have interior furnishing and designing experts who create spaces that adapt to the needs of our clients. We expertly incorporate construction elements, as well as custom textiles and furniture. Our interior design service has a mission to make your unique design dreams come true!

Our interior designers focus primarily on the visual aspect of a space. They also keep in mind the distribution of space, its practicality, and organization.
We have the best and most varied suppliers to get the perfect pieces that seamlessly finalize each project. Don’t worry at all about your styles and budgets, as we have the best solutions. Here, you will also receive personalized interior design advice!
Orchid Residential Interior Designing
Orchid Residential Interior Designing

Our Values, Experiences, And Services

Design, innovation, quality and professionalism are the values ​​that have enabled us to ensure an extraordinary reputation in the industry. Our company has become synonymous with a modern, elegant and exclusive interior design, full of high quality and interior design innovation.
We have an expert interior design team. Our experts have extensive experience in managing both residential and commercial projects. We accept all projects, ranging from the design of small apartments and offices to the design of the entire house. We entertain all public and private clients. Our interior design portfolio includes private homes, apartments, office receptions, corporate spaces, restaurants, shops, stores, and so on. We are committed to providing quality, comfort, and convenience for our clients.
We offer a full service, including residential and commercial interior design In Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore. Furthermore, we perfectly manage the complete architectural project from initial design to delivery of the finished work. All complex project aspects are considered and supervised by experts. Every aspect, including floors, doors and windows, furniture, and accessories, is aligned with ​​the original concept of your design.

What Do We Offer?

If your life is hectic, or you need help and inspiration for the interior design of your space, we are here to help you. We make it easy for you, and this is exactly what we offer you, zero complications, with a reliable interior design service.

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Why Should You Prefer Orchid Company To Beautify Your Space?

Interior design is something very personal, and your contentment is important to us. You will work with an interior designer one on one, all online, to create the space of your dreams.
The location of your project doesn’t matter. We gladly work on all residential and commercial projects. We offer a flat rate; you will know what the project cost is in advance. This way, you will have a well-defined cost for your interior design project.
We always strive to adapt to our client’s tastes and needs. So, we have a practice that we provide you with the shopping list. It means you don’t have to spend a large amount of valuable time in a store.
We bring your interior spaces to life and enrich their aesthetic and practical characteristics!
Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design

We believe residential interior design is all about creating an environment for you that responds harmoniously to your urges. So, we offer all-inclusive home interior design solutions based on your needs and project scope. Our past projects with numerous satisfied customers establish our professionalism. Hiring us for your interior design will save you valuable time, hard-earned money, and energy in the long run.

Orchid Custom Design

Commercial Interior Design

We believe a well-designed space of your workplace or any commercial space has become a necessity. We have experts who will connect your brand identity with your customer experience. Our commercial interior design service produces innovative and engaging commercial spaces. Whether you want a single or a multi-store roll-out, we put our efforts to meet the specifications of our clients and make sure the maximum quality output.

Interior Furnishing

Interior Furnishing

We have a wide range of interior furnishing services for you, and these services enable us to give a smart and unique look to your house and office spaces. We have services that are acclaimed for their innovativeness, proven quality, reliability and timely execution. Our interior designers have in-depth knowledge about all the new design trends, helping us satisfy the varied needs of diverse clients.

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Gone are the days when our kitchens were designed only for cooking. Now, people need a multi-functional space in the form of a modular kitchen. This is a space where family members can meet and chat with one another while cooking and eating. If you need such a space in your home, we will make your kitchen multi-functional. We will enrich your kitchen space with modern design elements to ensure its attractive looks. So, load your kitchen with contemporary modular features with our service. This way, you will feel much comfort while cooking.

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