Water Tank Cleaning Service

Professional Water Tank Cleaning Service

Water gives life. But not just to humans. Water bodies are home to some of the most dangerous bacteria and microorganisms. While the natural water bodies have some natural cleaning mechanisms going on for them, the storage mechanisms at home need regular cleaning.

Stagnant water can really house some deadly organisms. Take dengue, for instance; it grows on the water that stays for long. Similarly, a lot of microorganisms and insects can grow up at places where water stands for long. That means your water tanks as well.

Orchid Watertank Cleaning Services
Orchid Watertank Cleaning Services

Why Do You Need Professional Water Tank Cleaning Services?

People don’t really think that water tanks need regular servicing. That’s because the quality of water isn’t measurable by the naked eyes. But if you take water samples from water tanks that haven’t been serviced for long times, you’ll see that they are filled with harm for the humans.

There can easily be insect larvae, e-coli, algae and other organisms that can wreak havoc on your life. The water that you consume plays a vital role in the quality of life that you shall lead. If you consume water from dirty tanks, you can easily remain chronically ill, and you’ll not be at your best.

To ensure that you and the family stay safe and healthy, get your water tanks treated by professionals regularly. If you are negligent here, you can be drinking dirty water that only appears clear to the naked eyes, that’s all.

Why Choose Us For Water Tank Cleaning?

Many people may be tempted to go up the roof, drain the tanks and clean it up themselves by using a sponge and a dishwasher. But that’s a bad idea. Water tanks require special care if you want them to get cleaned perfectly and last long.

Here are a few reasons why you must choose us:

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We understand the dangers of a dirty water tank even if people don’t. That’s why we offer the services so that people can avoid the dangers of dirty tanks. When you sign up for our services, you’ll only get the most competent staff to work on your water tanks.

We do the tasks systematically, and you’ll have zero inconveniences with us working for you. We are super-efficient and super professionals. Also, we are aware of the best water tank cleaning techniques therefore, you’ll have clean and tidy tanks when we’ll leave.

Trust our services because we aren’t just here to make money. We are here to offer good health and protection against harmful organisms to our clients.

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Mechanized Dewatering

Our machines shall do the dewatering efficiently and get the water out of the tanks so that they get ready to be cleaned the right way. This is the first step that’s followed before further progress in the cleaning processes is made.

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Scrub And Sludge Removal

Next comes the manual work. Our professional shall manually clean the visible dirt and impurities after the mechanized dewatering. This step is to ensure that there’s nothing visibly contaminating the tank once the process is over.

High-Pressure Cleaning With Dewatering Machine

There’s no replacement for what the human hands can do, but there are some limitations to it. We don’t want you to take chances with the tank. That’s why you get the high-pressure cleaning so that anything that’s left behind is thrust out of the tank with pressure.

Orchid Water Tank Cleaning


Then the tanks are chlorinated with the right amount of chlorine so that the microorganisms are dead and that the water that’s inside is safe to consume.

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