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Importance Of Keeping My Swimming Pool Clean

It is always a shame to have something in your house that is going to waste. While maintaining a swimming pool may seem a lot of work, in the end, you will have a stunning pool in your very own backyard. In addition, unclean pools can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that may cause many health issues, some of which can be chronic. A poorly maintained pool can also lead to unpleasant algae and the breakdown of essential pool components. So if you want to avoid all of that, you should consider hiring Orchid Company for pool cleaning services. We will make sure every part of your pool, including filters and pumps, is in perfect condition and is free from any pollutants.  

Orchid Company’s Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

We are highly motivated to make sure that our customers have the cleanest swimming pool out there. Our swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service would prevent any health conditions and provide them with fun times. This commitment is what makes Orchid Company the best!

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Signs You Need Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimming pool Cleaning requires the combination of attention to detail, skilled personnel, and right tools. Fortunately, Orchid Company strives for perfection by fulfilling each criteria. We have a team of highly trained professionals and excellent, both of which work in cohesion to produce extraordinary results. However, it is up to you to look for signs that indicate you may need professional help for  pool cleaning.

Discloured Water In Swiming Pool

Discoloured Water

Water discoloration is one of the most apparent signs that indicate that it may be time for professional help. When the water in your swimming pool isn’t properly or frequently treated with the right solutions, it can develop algae and other contaminants that alter its color. So if the color of the water is anything other than blue, you should seek our help.


Bateria is not visible to the naked eye, but bugs are. They tend to find their way around the water and sometimes drown in it. Insects like water beetles, mosquitoes, tiny mites, and many more can end up polluting your pool, creating an unsanitary and unclean environment. The best thing to do in that case is to employ our services and get rid of those bugs once and for all.

Orchid Eye Irration

Skin And Eye Irritation

Minor skin and eye irritation is normal when you are swimming in your pool. Although if you experience that irritation for a longer period, you may get a serious skin condition called “hot tub rash”. The common cause of this negative reaction is a Pseudomonas Aeruginosa germ that can develop in the water if it is not appropriately treated. Calling us for the upkeep of your pool is extremely important in such cases.

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The buildup of inorganic material on the pool tile or stone is known as scaling. It indicates that the calcium, alkaline, or PH levels in your pool are way too high. This can be easily mitigated with the help of our professional pool maintenance service.

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