Car Detailing And Coating Services

Car Detailing And Coating Service

Your car is abused by the sun, dirt, pollution, acid rain, brake dust, insects, and bird droppings every day.  Therefore, vehicles depreciate over time due to improper care, and their aesthetic recovery is inevitable with minor and significant changes. If you are facing this problem, car detailing and coating Service can increase the economic value of your car. A car detailing service consists of processes and techniques that involve deep car cleaning and rejuvenation. These processes include hydration, protection, correction, coating, and sanitation. This type of service is performed both in the interiors and exteriors of your car. Orchid Company has all the expertise in car detailing and coating. We apply a proven set of techniques to ensure perfect cleaning of your car without causing deterioration of the materials that compose it.

Why Is Car Detailing Important?

Just like a car engine, the exterior and interior of your car require the same maintenance and attention. The detailing is more than the process of perfect cleaning the car. Orchid Company offers all-inclusive car detailing and coating services in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore. Our services include solving aesthetic defects and protecting your car against most external aggressions. We have a proven, dedicated car cleaning system. . We ensure this through a series of steps that we apply to even all areas, including the seats, dashboard, ceiling, floor, and hidden areas. We follow a process in which your car’s new appearance is recovered. We ensure this through a series of steps that we apply even all areas, including the seats, dashboard, ceiling, floor, and in all hidden areas.

Our reliable and professional car detailing services will enable you to sell your car at reasonable price and ensure its aesthetic recovery. Our services will also ensure a better protection of your car and its materials against UV, acid rain, pollutants, etc.

Why Choose Our Professional Car Detailing Services?

Orchid Company makes your car stand out in the crowd. Your car will look better than ever with our products and detailing techniques. How do we ensure this? Look at the now:

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Car Detailing And Coating Services Explained

We have the best silencer coating treatment that provides the silencer with protective coating against corrosion and rust. We also have a paint protection film service for you. This service makes vehicles perfect with glossy paint. Here, we aim to maintain your car’s value, and the paint protection film plays a pivotal role in this.

Need more? You can benefit from our Ceramic and Teflon coating service to increase the life of your vehicle’s paint. So, the paint material we use also increases your car’s life. We give your care a brand new look!


At Orchid Company, we make sure that our expert cleaning personnel perform intensive cleaning. They use premium quality all-purpose cleaners and degreasers to give your car a new look and stand it out in the crowd. This includes cleaning and tidying up dirt, strain, spots, grim, and filth.


We also offer restoration works that involve careful treatment of your car’s contaminated/weathered surfaces and corners. We make sure that you get rid of paint imperfections, and we do this through a detailing step, including the swirl removal and light scratches. We apply the oxidization process over the metals’ surface that helps to be restored.


One of the most crucial parts of our detailing service includes the finishing work. It does not matter what area of your car needs to be finished professionally, our finishing works involve the rejuvenation of surfaces. If your car’s surface, metals, plastics, or leather, let our experts serve you!

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