Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

You can find several ways to control pests in your house or a commercial facility. Pests, such as mosquitoes and rodents spread diseases. So, a beautiful interior design for the home does not matter if you do not take measures to control pests. This blog lets you know the general forms of pest control and some most common methods to control pests.

General Forms Of Pest Control And How To Control Pests

Before presenting the most common pest control methods, we explain some general forms of pest control. Following are techniques by which you can manage pests by preventing their growth after a first control. It is possible to use these techniques for different species in different spaces.

Forms Of Pest Control

There are currently three general forms of pest control, as in the following:

1.     Chemical Pest Control

With this type of control, the pest is reduced or eliminated directly through toxic substances (chemicals). These chemicals are formulated especially for this reason. Examples of chemicals against pests can be insecticides, miticides, and molluscicides.

Insecticides are used to kill insects and other arthropods. Miticides are used for killing mites that feed on plants and animals. The use of molluscicides is effective in eliminating snails and slugs.

2.     Physical Pest Control

Physical pest control refers to mechanical methods to capture and manage the species that generate the pest. All behavioral factors and habits of insects and animals are considered when applying these techniques. The most used mechanisms are mosquito nets and traps with bait food.

3.     Biological Pest Control

This type of control involves the introduction of an enemy species to the ecosystem of the invading group. Basically, you control and reduce the pest using its natural predators. You need to maintain a balance where it does not spread and, over time, it is reduced.

The Most Common Methods Used To Control Pests

1.     Disinfection

Disinfection reduces or eliminates pathogenic microorganisms housed on surfaces to safe levels. These pathogenic microorganisms include:

  • Viruses (Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, and even all variants of Coronavirus).
  • Bacteria (Salmonella spp, Listeria Monocytogenes, Escherichia Coli).
  • Fungi, which are usually found in spoiled food.

2.     Disinsection

With disinsection, it is possible to prevent the appearance and control all types of insects through integrated pest management (IPM). It means you can incorporate various techniques to treat insect species, such as:

  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Mosquitoes

Before applying techniques to disinfect a space, it is necessary for pest control professionals to evaluate to establish solutions appropriate to the space. It is thus essential to follow the criteria as mentioned in the following:

  • Type of environments and surfaces
  • Pest species
  • Number of copies
  • Affected places

Some of the formulas used together to disinfect are spraying chemicals, thermal fogging toxic smoke, ultraviolet light to attract the insect to the machine, non-toxic sheets with pheromones, and others.

3.     Fumigation

Fumigation is one of the best methods to control pests. This method is mostly used in the agricultural industry. This consists of the use of gases as an effective pest management technique. Gases in the air come into contact with pests through their respiratory tract and, in some cases, by ingesting toxic droplets left in the air.

This is a method whose effectiveness and danger are currently under debate. The reason is that toxic gases, fogs, or mists can often have unwanted effects, especially when coming into contact with food.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog is helpful to you, as it contains some useful information letting you know the general forms of pest control and some most common methods to control them. This blog will guide you on whether you want effective pest control in your home or workplace. If you are disturbed by pests and need to hire a professional pest control service in Delhi, contact Orchid Company. We have professionals who will professionally perform the pest control process without damaging your interior design. Our experts also care for your children, the elderly, pets, and the whole family.