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When it comes to events, especially those that feature live music, they are among the most engaging and enjoyable. However, they may be the most likely to encounter roadblocks if they do not have a solid plan in place. That’s why we put up this concert planning guide.

A concert includes a few more moving bits and elements than a regular event, therefore there are a few more things that can go wrong at any time. Technical difficulties with audio-visual equipment, illness or injury to musical talent, and adverse weather can all detract from everyone’s enjoyment of the event. Continue reading to find out how to be best prepared for any accidents and guarantee that your concert is set up for success from the start.



Setting goals is one of the most crucial aspects of learning how to prepare for a concert. In other words, what do you want to achieve with this concert? You’re unlikely to have a memorable one if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish with the live music element of your event.

Consider who will be attending your event and what concept and style will appeal to and be remembered by them.


It’s tempting to estimate the number of people who will attend your concert, multiply that by the ticket price you believe they will pay, and consider the sum to be your budget. But that’s the wrong way around.

You’ll need a precise budget blueprint before anything else to have enough money for expenses and contingencies, as well as to earn a profit (if that’s one of your goals).

Create a line item for each category on the rest of this list to determine what you’ll need for your event. Contingencies and unplanned expenses should be funded using 10-30% of unallocated cash. That way, if something unexpected happens, you’ll be prepared.


More than anything else, the musical talent you bring in will establish the ambience of your show. Depending on the type of talent you wish to hire, this could be one of your key budget line items.

Look for performers who are a good fit for your event’s theme and goals. Make sure their target audience for the event overlaps considerably with yours. For example, you don’t want a band with a largely young fan base performing in front of a crowd full of seniors.


Many venues are equipped to accommodate live music and are ready to do so. If you’re going to an indoor location, make sure they’ve done live music before and have a stage and seating arrangement that works for the style of music you’ve picked. Outdoor venues have higher production costs and more unpredictability due to weather. If you choose an outdoor setting, make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain, snow, wind, heat, cold, or any other weather-related issues.


You may require permission for alcohol, food, music, and the event itself, depending on the venue you choose. Consult your venue and local authorities to determine what you’ll need for your situation. It’s also a smart idea to cover your event with insurance.


Determine what equipment you’ll need for the performance and whether the venue can provide any of it by speaking with your musical talent and the venue. A stage, speakers, microphones, sound system, lighting, and other audio/visual equipment may be included. Determine what equipment your musical talent will bring and what you will be liable for by speaking with them.


You’ll need to sell tickets if you want to make money from the show. You can offer paper or digital tickets for your event by partnering with a ticketing agency. Some ticketing providers allow for unique branding on tickets. Many will also include a ticketing website and a connection with social media profiles.


The success of your concert will be directly proportional to how well it is promoted. You’ll need a marketing strategy that considers the event concept, target demographic, and musical talent you’ve enlisted. If the talent has certain marketing channels that work well for them, make a point of doubling down on those channels and collaborating with them to get the word out.


So, these are the steps which should be taken before planning a concert. In case you find the above procedure difficult, you can stop looking right now and contact us! Orchid Company is a dependable and highly competent social and corporate event management firm. We offer event management services, that can be tailored to the client’s particular concept, event, and venue. We use our best management teams to create and shape live events.

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